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Michelle, Jan 2016

The guys installed a split system in our lounge last week. They mentioned the new site and asked for some feedback They were fantastic to deal with, on time, cleaned up and charged exactly what they’d quoted. Very rare in tradesmen these days. Perfect.

Martin, Logan. September 2016
My wife and I had your electrician Glenn and Adam his trade assistant here today to supply and fit a Mitsubishi srk17zmp-s air conditioner and the service has been the most outstanding we have ever received in our lifetime with even the smallest details being taken care of.
The service they gave does not normally exist anymore in this day and age so if your company has this attention to detail, excellence, fair pricing and courtesy you deserve top marks and our recommendation for the work well done. All I can say to the competition is the standard has just been raised but you will have a hard time catching up to the standard of these two tradies! TOP MARKS.

Ron, cafe owner

We replaced the air conditioners in our Cafe at Oxley. Since we did, our power bills have dropped by over a third. These Mitsubishi Heavy are excellent units, the boys did a quality job with the install. They were cheaper than all the other quotes I got by far, Nice job. Thanks 

Nicole,       Alex Hills
We had this company install 2 bedroom air conditioners for us on Saturday. They were really nice guys, they did a superb job and I will definitely recommend them to anybody looking for an air con.

Jenny,     Hamilton

By far the best tradesman we have had at our place. It was easy to see these guys knew exactly what they were doing. We asked to have the units in a slightly off position which took more time, but they didn’t charge extra. The install was superb and the house is nice and toasty warm for winter. Marvellous job.

Ian, Mt Cotton      2016

Simon and his apprentice were working at my place when I was out over summer. He noticed our dog limping, and called us to find out if the dog normally walks that way, we said no, and we both thought it rather odd. Simon calls us from the back of his van some 15 minutes later. The dog had gotten worse and start dragging it’s back legs. They investigated and found a dead black snake in the kitchen with bite marks and were rushing Sheeba to the vet.

sheeba the dog saved by legend tradesman and worlds best electrician Simon from air con expert review page

Mt Cotton,  continued

The apprentice was driving and Simon was carrying our 50kg dog in back. They drove it to Beenleigh, he put his own credit card down until we got there so the dog could get treated immediately.  He even had the presence of mind to call ahead to find out which vet had anti – venom. Very few tradesman would put themselves out the way he did. Thanks Simon. Sheeba says thanks too.

From retired officer : Queensland
I would like to let you know that it was a pleasure dealing with you and your team. The dealings with you were easy and we came to an agreed price. The team were punctual and well organized and very structured. Glenn and Kyle are great ambassadors for your business. The Master Tradesman was very neat, spoke well, and gave clear and concise directions to Kyle (maybe it is a hangover from his RAAF days). Kyle as a young man was very polite and also spoke well. A necessity when dealing with customers in their own home.

Brian,  June 2016

Simon and crew installed a 7kW in our lounge on Friday. Timing couldn’t have been better. The weekend was cold and windy, but inside was warm and toasty nice. The installation was really smooth, cost exactly what was quoted and the guys were friendly. Top score. thanks

Clint,       April 2016
 The guys installed a split system in our lounge last week. mentioned some feedback would be good. They were fantastic to deal with, on time, cleaned up and charged exactly what they’d quoted. Perfect.

Steven J.         Mt Warren Park
Best Split system installers in all of Australia. And I’ve seen nearly all of them. Hi, I was a supervisor for Hutchinsons builders for 18 years. Over that time I would have seen thousands of installations. I first noticed these guys photos of jobs and was impressed, but doubted they did it that good all the time. I was wrong. My installation looks exactly as the rest on their page. Outstanding. Thanks. Well done. Give them the most stars I can award.

Meryl, September 2015
Big thank you to the ACE crew. I wanted to get the bedroom and lounge air conditioned before the summer heat. I am so glad I did. The day of the install was 30, and the days since have been soooo hot. I am grateful to be able to sit inside and work in a pleasant 23 C. The installation team was very professional.

R J Hughes,     Bethania

We were lucky enough to get Simon to install our air conditioner personally. I wanted to see if his work matched the images displayed on his website, and I can report that it’s identical. He laughed when I asked him during the quote, and offered to come by and show us himself, how it was done. I can see now why him and the crew are so busy over summer. Excellent service, the best price we could find, and he is training some fine young lads in the construction business. Simon is an outstanding tradesman and his crew are very professional. Top rating possible.

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