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Please note : Due to relentless harassment from Queensland police business is now closed. Will be re-opening in another city once Simon’s wife and daughter are back from overseas. They left Australia due to five consecutive armed raids on their home, and Simon being imprisoned 11 months for the heinous crime of expressing his opinion that Queensland courts are ignoring the law, hiding their records and treating the public with contempt. The prison sentence only proved what he said was true. He’s asked me to say Thank you to all our customers over the years. If you have any warranty issues, please email us and he will arrange someone to get it sorted out at his cost.

NOTE : This page updated by third party website design company because owner is en route to Novosibirsk

For a complete explanation of the insane levels of harassment the Hickey family were receiving, the link will take you to a video showing all 5 police raids on their home captured on CCTV. If you agree that this is unacceptable in Australian society, please save it and share it to others.

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