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Mitsubishi heavy industries cash back promotion

Mitsubishi Heavy industries air conditioners are running a cash back promotion most of the summer until January 21. If you buy any split system you get money from them. $100 for the small ones and $200 for the large ones. The middle ones get anything in between. Only enormous ducted systems get the $300 so forget that, splits are better anyway. There isn’t any catch, our prices have nothing to do with this promo. You claim that money afterwards and keep it. Mitsubishi Heavy want to know everything about you in return for their money, which leads me to believe you may see an increase in advertising for air conditioners at some stage in the future. They may even try to sell you a space shuttle or main battle tank with 72mm cannon. You won’t be late for work with one of them. Traffic won’t be a problem. Mitsubishi Heavy industries is a business primarily focused on really heavy things, like battleships, space shuttles, bridges and trains. One wonders why they started making air cons.

My guess is that they had so many offices and factories they got sick of replacing inferior split systems after they clapped out in 3 years. The board decided that because they bought 600 air cons a year anyway, why not build a factory? That’s my guess. If you have a better one feel free to send it in. The contact form is here. The winning guess will be inserted into this page and given a prize.** The prize may or may not be crap.

The funniest part about the MHI people is we used to buy direct off their Australian office. They assigned us a sales representative named Lance. He drove a Mitsubishi lancer I shit you not. He said ‘Hi I am Lance from Mitsubishi, I came in my Mitsubishi Lancer, so you wanna buy some air cons?’ Who said the Japs have no sense of humour? Yeah, so to claim your money buy one of our systems, and when you paid the bill, go to the Mitsubishi website and scan it in, send them all your information. Then you should see some cash.

Mitsubishi heavy industries cash back promotion
Mitsubishi heavy industries cash back promotion