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The energy efficiency of air conditioners is very important. To help reduce your running costs you need to maintain them





energy efficiency chart of household power usage australia

The vast majority of household power consumption goes towards heating or cooling. Heating the water we use for showers, heating the rest of the home. During summer, cooling the house doesn’t come cheap either. Follow some simple steps, and the energy efficiency of your split system air conditioner will be greatly increased.

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  • The ideal sleeping temperature is 18 – 22c. On the really hot 35+ days you’ll never get your bedroom to 18, leave it on 22 – 24c. The best temperature setting for comfort and energy efficiency is 22 – 24c
  • An area being cooled should be fairly well sealed. All windows and doors closed. Leaving your bedroom window open a smidge is not unheard of, but any more than an inch and you’re losing tens of litres of air per minute. Air that must be re conditioned. There’s enough oxygen coming in the gaps you don’t see
  • Large glass windows or exposed areas to the western sun, can increase your power consumption. They affect temperature, which makes the unit work harder in effect. Every little aspect matters when calculating energy efficiency. 
  • Clean the filters once per year minimum. In high traffic offices or work environments then every six months. Simply open the grille, remove the filter, and clean it. This will maintain the energy efficiency through the years
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The air in the circle will rotate through the split many times per minute

Installation Matters

location and effciency

  • Below is an example image showing different placements of split. They’re all relatively the same in terms of ability to maintain the correct temperature. The air is circulated through the system many times per minute, regardless of it’s starting position in the room.
  • Positions marked A are optimal for the main system. Position B would only marginally trail A in terms of efficiency and circulation. The bedroom ones are all identical in terms of efficiency and air flow. It’s only a matter of where you think its best.
  • An area downstairs on a two story dwelling will take 25% less power to cool than the upstairs due to excellent protection from above.
  • A dwelling or shed with a tin roof will take 25% more power to cool than tiled roof with good insulation. If the tin is well insulated then add only 10%

We will always mount the external unit off the western wall of the structure. If that isn’t possible, some sort of shelter could be constructed. External machine parts are weatherproof and designed to last years in harsh Australian conditions. Mounting off the ground is always recommended.

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air conditioner running costs energy efficiency chart showing panasonic years costs
Energy Efficiency calculated over a year

Energy efficiency is an important part of any appliance consideration today. Adjusting for electricity price rises we have estimated these costs at 0.28c per kilowatt hour. Currently most QLD households pay 24 – 28c on tariff 11. Air Conditioner energy efficiency cost chart is based on 300 hours use a year. As a general rule most AC get between 200 – 400 hours use a year.  Mitsubishi and Panasonic have one of the lowest running costs of all air conditioners, and these images accurately represent what it will cost to run your machine, on a reasonable temperature setting, with little escaping air.

Energy Efficiency of small air conditioners

By far the most common install we get in summer, most people find it hard to sleep in Brisbane during the summer months. The heat can be unbearable. the machines will keep your bedroom cool with not much effort at all. These images accurately represent what it will cost to run your machine, on a reasonable temperature setting, with little escaping air.

The energy efficiency running cost figures were calculated on Panasonic CS / CU range of Split system air conditioners. These and the Mitsubishi are among the most efficient in the world.  The running costs can be verified here. Lesser machines or units with a lower star rating will not achieve these figures. A poorly maintained or positioned Split Air Con will not achieve these figures. The examples above are an average system, in an average home. Doors and windows closed 95% of the time.

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