Buying a split air conditioner

Air conditioning is (nearly) as essential for winter – as much as it is for summer. Buying a split air conditioner is an effective solution for your homes comfort. What defines a split system air conditioner? First and foremost, a split air con is the best way to cool your home, heat your home, filter the air and de – humidify it in the process .It can be tailored to all interior spaces and lifestyles and comes with an extensive product line.

When buying a split air conditioner there’s some important aspects to consider : Size, location, installation and flexibility. Is there a place we can install it in your home? What size is best? What location is suitable? It can be mounted on just about any surface, at any height and is designed in such a way as to be as unobtrusive as possible and pleasing to the eye. The features list on any top end split system air conditioner is extensive, from self cleaning units and wifi controlled models to colour matched designer splits that will blend in with a business or theme.

Buying a Split Air Conditioner : The important aspects


Generally, appliance name describes connecting one indoor unit to one outdoor unit. They are installed in the simplest and most unobtrusive form possible. The best place for an air conditioner is detailed in our specific page. A term you’ll hear often when buying a split air conditioner is : back to back installation. Simply means the inside (head) unit is placed on a wall with the condenser (outside) unit mounted behind it. Think about two people standing back to back and that’s basically how the machines are configured. Without any need for duct work, they deliver a sophisticated air conditioning solution at the most affordable price.

You should definitely consider buying a split air conditioner for limited spaces. Also, this can be the simplest solution for one-room additions. Mitsubishi Heavy tailors their product line with the needs of the end user in mind. They have utilized a cutting-edge technology with designing premium, high-capacity air conditioners in the marketplace.

So, if you are in need of the finest air conditioner for your office or room and want the best quality at an affordable price, you should consider our professional air conditioner installation service.

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How the installation will affect which model you should buy


Before buying a split air conditioner system of any kind, you should know some important information :

  • KW or Kilowatt rating. This is not the energy consumed or required, but a measure of cooling capacity. Each air conditioner has a different cooling capacity. The kW rating is where it is calculated for every model. Usually, split ACs are available in variations of 0.5kW starting at 2.0 and going right through to 10, 20 and 40. The split systems generally finish at 10, and the industrial ducted systems start. The split system air conditioner size you need depends a lot upon the area they have to cool. Larger units are therefore required for bigger rooms. Bedrooms in Australia can be cooled by a 2.0 in 60 % of cases. 2.5 for slightly larger and 3.5 for the largest master bedroom with a walk in robe or ensuite attached.
  • Multi head Split Conditioners – These units are rarely used by A.C.Expert because, despite less pieces in total number, they are actually more expensive than three separate systems. It’s bizarre when you first consider it. Mitsubishi explained it as : we manufacture thousands of individual machines per year, but literally only get a few hundred requests for multi units. So the time spent setting up machines for the run and other manufacturing costs make these multi head systems far more expensive than 3 separate systems. The only time we would recommend something like a multi head is in a unit or flat where there is no possibility of mounting the condensers in separate locations, or the architect specifies this particular unit.
  • Limitations, life expectancy and servicing : If you install an air con where there is a large amount of air escaping such as a shop door that’s constantly open, the unit simply won’t do it’s job. The air must be contained. Opening a door occasionally is fine, If you do have a shop or business, there are products like air curtains that nearly completely solve this problem. Home windows need to be kept shut, and doors of rooms you do not wish cooled, closed. Life expectancy on the crap brands air con from our crap page is exactly the warranty. You’ll be lucky to get a month longer, and most often, a lot shorter. Mid range units will last anywhere from five to eight years and the top three as listed very rarely fail before ten. More often than not exceeding fifteen years. Splits require very little servicing if your filters are cleaned twice a year. Perhaps a full strip down and clean service every five years for a well used system is all that’s required. The outdoor unit, providing it has been installed correctly is completely maintenance free.

Basically, split ACs are the most common choice for cooling your home or business today. For good reason. They are quiet, efficient and keep us from expiring on the hottest summer days and coldest winter mornings.

The price to Install split system air conditioners is less than you think


At Air Conditioning Expert, we take pride in providing split system air conditioner installation in the Perth and Brisbane metro areas. Simply put, we make it easy to install your new system. We charge considerably less than nearly all our competitors. We do better work – we believe – than every one of them. Judge for yourself. See our installation page. If you are considering a different brand of split system models, we will also advise you on the best solution for your needs and help decide which model(s) to choose. Single story or double story applications, we have air conditioner units for every possible scenario. Except if you follow Collingwood. Or live in Tasmania.

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You can get started on your split system air conditioner installation with these simple steps:

  • Choose the system using our size guide. See A.C.Expert page right size air conditioner, or consult with us.
  • Compare our prices using the comparison page, you can check eight other companies price list instantly just from links on that page. How many other companies are willing to display that information?
  • See the images of our previous work. That’s the standard you can expect from yours.
  • You can buy yours from the store and use us to install it. You can just fill in the form or call us for a booking.
  • You can use us for the supply and install, to save driving around everywhere to the stores. We’ll be there on the arranged day, on time, with no surprises and have the job finished that same day.
  • If you decide to buy somewhere else, no problem at all. We hope you got a laugh while obtaining the info you needed. We put the information up there to help everybody. Except Collingwood supporters. You can go to another website. Sorry.
  • If you did learn from our site, but buy somewhere else, please stop back in, fill in the feedback, and tell us what they did better. Most likely everything except the install because making websites is not our strong suit. We install split air cons better than anybody else in both cities. (Nearly) everything else we do is crap. Can’t even build a doghouse.
  • You could just go buy a go kart. That would be way more fun.


Let our teams at Air Conditioning Expert take care of all your split system air conditioner installations