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Multi head Air Conditioners

Solution to space issues or more cost than benefit?

Multi head air conditioners. Are they cost effective when it comes to cooling your home this summer?

Multi head air


solution or just more of a problem?
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An example of individual systems

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Why use a Multi head Air Con?

Some homes, particularly units, flats, townhouses and high rise apartments have a limited space where one may install an air conditioner to keep your cool in summer. Many developments now build these into the plans, and have a set location on each floor where the condensers for each apartment must go. This forward thinking on their part often creates more problems down the track for the apartment owners when doing repairs and upgrades. The pipes can’t be accessed for inspection or changeover. If one unit fails on any system there’s a potential to lose them all. When asking if a multi head air conditioner solution the best way to cool this home. The short answer is nearly always – No.

Multi Head systems are rarely the best solutiuon. Here’s why.


  1. Cost
  2. Because I said so
  3. See rule 1.

Only use a multi head system

When there’s no other option

Most multi head systems will run up to 4 heads from one base. In houses there’s generally plenty of space around the outside to put condenser units, they’re mostly used for apartments and flats. Looking at the above, what might be the drawbacks to a multi head system? Longer pipe runs? If they were individual we could mount our condensers right behind or adjacent to the heads, saving considerable labour. Higher material costs. Also higher running costs.


Running one small head in that back bedroom and you are still running the condenser of 9kw. It’s not running to full capacity of course, but it still consumes more power than if you ran only a 2kw condenser when a 2kw head was in operation.

Multi head air conditioners are not the solution

Cost of a multi head vs an individual system

Add 30% Approximately

Take which system you are thinking of installing for example 3 x 2.5kw Mitsibishi Heavy – that would come to $4050 installed complete. If you wanted to do the same thing with a multi head – four pieces. One condenser and three heads – $5265 is about what it will cost. This formula is surprisingly close to accurate. If we wanted to do one 7kw and two bedroom 2.5kw systems our cost would be $5050 using individual systems and ACExperts incredibly handsome installers. If we did the same thing with a multi head it would come close to $6565   

When one considers the problem of one fault in the condenser and potentially you’ve lost all three heads.    

When you also take into account the $1515 difference can buy a huge bag of Mc Nuggets or one flight to Siberia where you can get incredibly cold free of charge, why would anybody buy a multi head air conditioner? 

Multi head systems not the best solution siberian crapper
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