An Air conditioner filter could save your health

The Air we breathe while confined inside should be as clean and bacteria free as we can make it.

The air in our homes and offices by definition isn’t as fresh or flowing as what’s outside. Until recently, not much thought was put into how the lack of replacement air getting into our living spaces affected ones health. Offices and places where large amounts of people are stationary for sustained periods create air in which everybody has breathed in and breathed out, a sample of every other persons air in that room. On a standard shallow, relaxed breath our lungs inhale and exhale around a litre of air containing oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, dust, and small amounts of miscellaneous floaties. Those floaties contain all kinds of random environmental, human and animal particles. How do we stop all the harmful floaties from re – circulating while still allowing a large volume of healthy air to flow? Clean or replace our air conditioner filter once a year for your home, and every six months (minimum) for a workplace.

How will you know if the air is clean and healthy? That smell of air so clean and crisp that only occurs after a good storm. You’re familiar with that i am sure. The water has caught, trapped or pushed out all the nasty crap floating around in the air, and taken it to ground. Our air is now temporarily as clean as nature can make it.


Mitsubishi heavy example image of filtration process air conditioning expert page on filters
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Mitsubishi heavy example image of filtration process air conditioning expert page on filters

New Concepts for Air Conditioner Filter (s)

Modern air conditioners are a marvel of European ingenuity and precision. Mr Carrier from The US was the first person to build a practical working air conditioning system. The descendants his kind carried his research forward and stretched the evolution of man made comforts far beyond anything the pioneers dreamed of. The Panasonic air conditioner filter for example uses electro magnets to attract and trap fine particles that the main filter misses. The Mitsubishi uses a slightly different but just as effective two stage filtration process. A night sleeping in a room with a new Mitsubishi or Panasonic air conditioner is quite refreshing. The nights sleep you get in my opinion is far more refreshing than if you were to sleep in a room with no ac or / any other type of air conditioner. The existing filtration process combining the electrical and physical barriers removes everything except bulls**t from the air which you inhale.  If only the Marxist filth running our nation were forced to breathe this filtered air during work hours they might speak a little truth once in a while.

The American filtration identification scale is more commonly used, so we will use it here. There are seven types of filters, according to the MERV rating chart of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers, or ASHRAE: electrostatic, washable, throwaway, cartridge, pleated, box, and bag. The last two filters are combinations of some of their predecessors like throwaways and cartridge. Each filter is self-explanatory and serves individual purposes and scenarios

Frequently clean / replace your air conditioner filter


One thing is for sure: filters will clog up with airborne gunk eventually. It will still need to be replaced in time. A cleaner air conditioner filter means cleaner, healthier air, more efficient air conditioner, reduced running costs and reduced blockages. There are a number of reasons to stay on top of routine cleaning.  Cleaning or Replacement saves dollars on maintenance and techinician checkups. Try it yourself. It’s not difficult to remove, hose out, and replace the filter. If it’s in really bad shape simply order another from the manufacturer.

If you have general house cleaning, it would be great to include the appliance on your to-clean list. This improves performance and frees parts that were previously bogged down by dirt buildup. Cleaning also gives you and your mechanic better view of the machine’s interior. High-efficiency air filters do not require constant replacement because of their quality, rigid build.  Have a technician install your filter if you don’t know how to do it yourself. Always refer to your manual for more information, particularly when it comes to compatibility.

Replacing an air conditioner filter could save you replacing the whole system


If a filter becomes completely clogged, the water drain won;t function, you will see water coming from the front of the unit. Or worse still, getting into the electronic assemblies inside the head. If this happens, failing to clean the filter, has resulted in sever if not fatal damage to a very expensive appliance. Damage can be avoided by taking proper care of the units filter. Routine maintenance is very important. Leaks can happen once in a while and refrigerants can go low. A quality air conditioner can still break down no matter how excellent it is made. It has a lot of running parts that have to be maintained, which can be a nightmare for the user. Damage could escalate quickly and add to other damage if repair and maintenance are not observed on schedule. From the onset of disrepair, address the problem immediately to save the machine from accumulating and compiling wear and tear. You can check the Internet for tips on how to repair easy and minor problems on your AC.

Maintenance will not cost a lot of money if it does not stack up. Check for weird sounds and noises the moment you hear them. Confirm your findings using the Internet, gather all your data, and consult your brand’s technician for assistance. Keep their number nearby for easy communication. Take down notes if you must. If your tech says the air filter is the only problem, that’s good news. You may just need to replace it or have a part of the machine cleaned. But if they say even if the filter is brand new, yet your air conditioner could not operate satisfactorily, a replacement sounds like a good idea.

MERV is not just a fancy acronym. he’s also the name of Australia’s legendary fast bowler with the beer gut and the handlebar mustache.


The most important aspect of choosing a filter is checking the MERV rating, or the Minimum Efficiency Rating Value. The ASHRAE designed the scale in 1987 and talks about the efficiency and capacity of a filter to absorb particles. It has a scale of 1 to 20, with 1 being the lowest and 20 the highest. High-efficiency air filters have a MERV of 11 to 14.

Each number refers to a particular percentage and type of particulate it can block or lessen. For example, a filter with a MERV rating of 5 could arrest 80 to 85 percent of cement dust and pudding mix. As the number increases, so does its application and potency. A rating of 20 could control more or less a quarter of a particulate, which is very microscopic and accurate. A rating of 1 is good for homes that have dusty carpets and fibers that trap a lot of dust, which window type air conditioners have no problem absorbing.

The MERV rating can be found on the filter’s packaging. A product without one could be a counterfeit or sold illegally. If the air filter you bought does not have one, you can report the product to the brand for a refund. If the brand does not oblige, inform the ASHRAE that you were turned down. The MERV rating is industry standard and must be found on all products. If unsure where to find the MERV rating, how to change an air conditioner filter, how to use a ladder or where the ladder is kept, we suggest you leave this task to the men of the house. If you live in a house devoid of male strength and ingenuity eg : the Kardashians + Bruce “The you-know-who’s- paid me to become a public tranny/freak in an attempt to lower the moral standards of our society even further” Jenner  – then best call a real man. And when he gets there you hide that freak Jenner in the basement where he belongs. Never let the you know who’s own every facet of your media. They convince the entire female population that men such as Bruce Jenner and Conchita Worst are worth admiring and adoring as ‘poor widdle confused’ boys. These voting females are unable to grasp the significance of Conchita’s translated name which literally means ‘Pussy Sausage’. The you know who’s had a real laugh when our women fell for that one.

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