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Air Conditioner installations Summer of 2019

There were no air conditioning installations for the summer of 2019. What was once a thriving business employing ten to twelve people over summer was brought to an abrupt halt by the Queensland authorities. The owner Simon Hickey was jailed for nine months because he made allegations of corruption against the Queensland police and legal system. A man with a solid twenty five year working career, and a reputation for hard work and honesty had his home raided, and all his things stolen because he wrote articles outlining what he believed were glaring examples of misconduct by these agencies. On September the 19th of 2019, Hickey was jailed for writing those articles. Free speech in Australia? Not any more. As of August 2020 Hickey is attempting to pick up the pieces and make enough money to get his wife and daughter back in Australia. Please support this business and help him get back on his feet.

The bottom line is… If the things Hickey was saying were untrue, he would have been ignored.  Download the PDF transcript of the Supreme court hearing and see for yourself what justice has become in this land. 

This was one of Hickey’s installs on a 35c day back in 2016