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Panasonic Cash Back on now

 Cash Back
 on now

The 2018 Panasonic cash back promotion started in March. You can get a refund from Panasonic for up to $200 off the purchase price of a new air conditioner. All our Panasonic are eligible. The smaller ones get you only $100, but the largest ones get the $200. List of the models on which you can claim is below.

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Panasonic have beaten the other companies to the line this year by starting their rebates early. Usually we wait until winter June / July to see these sorts of sales incentives. This year they started early. The Panasonic cash back scheme adds even more savings to any air conditioner purchase this season. If we take the Peaksmart rebate, the QLD communist rebate and the Panasonic rebate and loaded them onto one purchase. That’s $500 off one small bedroom air conditioner. $600 off a large model. Any more rebates and they’d be paying us. Take advantage of the Panasonic cash back before it ends in August 2018

Models eligible for Panasonic Cash back 2018

These models eligible

for Panasonic Cash back

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When making the claim ensure all your paperwork is in order. These things are important to receive your Panasonic cash back in the fastest possible time. Ensure your invoice has the model number, serial number, the date and address. You may only submit a claim once it’s been paid, so be sure to write PAID across the bottom if paying by transfer. If you paid by cash the installation tech will have written and signed on the day. It’s easy to claim your Panasonic cash back if you just make sure all your paperwork is correct.