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Mid range air conditioner brands

Not #1 but less crap than heath ledger

Mid Range

Air Con Brands

These aren't the best but they're
 less crap than Heath Ledger

Mid range air conditioner brands are listed in quality order we believe in terms of highest to lowest

air conditioning expert mid range brands pagemitsubishi electric example

Mitsubishi Electric     ✪✪✪✪¾

Closest to the top three, Mitsubishi Electric are good, reliable splits. What’s the difference between Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy? Mitsubishi Electric make appliances, Mitsubishi Heavy make decent air cons and military gear. How did the two Mitsubishi companies split?  A deadly blood feud between the two Mitsubishi brothers over some hot Japanese chick*  

    **Only ACExperts personal reckoning.

air conditioning expert mid range brands page fujitsu example

Fujitsu ✪✪✪✪

This time in 2013 Fujitsu would have been rival for number 1 over all. However, one of their senior engineers decided they’d switch to R32 gas to achieve 10% efficiency gains. The Gas at that time was unproven, unreliable, unavailable and is still not much better. If you buy a Fujitsu, ask for a R410 unit. If you get one of those, they are still excellent split systems. The engineer in question has either : retired in great shame to his ancestors OR defected to Panasonic who cooked up the whole R32 industrial sabotage scheme from the start.

air conditioning expert mid range example samsung image

Samsung ✪✪✪✪

South Korean makers of mediocre everything, these split systems are pretty good. Did you know Koreans drink more alcohol on average than any other men on the planet?  When we un-box a new Samsung on site : I secretly wish that some hungover Korean factory worker has stuffed up and sent us a robot machine gun sentry by mistake. Few outside Korea are aware that Samsung make and deploy armed robot sentries along the north / south border to keep out Kim Jong Un’s ninja assassin squads. How cool is that?

Mid Mid Range Air Conditioner Brands
Mid-Mid Range
 Air Conditioner
air conditioning expert mid range brand page toshiba example split system air conditioner

Toshiba ✪✪✪ ½

New to the split system air conditioner market, Toshiba have always made good gear. These aren’t in the league of your Mitsubishi or Panasonic, but are excellent products from guys that only started building Air Conditioners two years ago. However, the most important question on the minds of our readers :  who would win a robot sentry street battle between Toshiba and Samsung? I got $20 on Samsung because them Koreans have really sneaky eyes. But the Japs have Godzilla, so it could go either way.

Actron example of air conditioning experts page of mid range split system

Actron ✪✪✪✪

You may only notice three stars up on the Acton picture, but four appear here. Well, we just found out Actron are made in Australia, so we awarded an extra star for being home grown. If they can give Obama a nobel prize – then I can give Actron an extra star. Being made in NSW should really be grounds for an extra bonus star, on a count of all the crap things that come out of NSW : like their state of origin team and Heath Ledger. Experts agree : Ledger has more chance of winning origin this year than the Blues.

air conditioning expert hitachi split system example mid range system

Hitachi ✪✪✪✪

Makers of really big earth shaking bulldozer machines and graders. Hitachi would produce some of the biggest, baddest armed robot sentries on the planet. I suspect the twin 40mm Hitachi revolving cannons would annihilate Toshiba’s mechanized ninja squads with ease. But how would a fire – breathing steel plated Godzilla fare against Hitachi’s latest military hardware? What does this have to do with air conditioning? Nothing. We got sick of writing about Air Con . Robot sentries are way cooler.

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the mid range air conditioner (s) begin to slide

The mid range

 air conditioners

 begin to slide 

These three only stayed off the crap page by

being slightly less crap. Slightly.

air conditioner expert mid range brands page example of carrier AC
Carrier ✪✪

It’s a shame that Carrier only get two stars in this. Mr Carrier, of New York – was the first man to build a practical, working air conditioner. Another forgotten European that changed the world with his genius. Unfortunately whoever builds his designs now cares little about quality or his ancestors reputation. Same old story around the world.

air conditioner expert mid range brands page example of kelvinator AC

 Kelvinator ✪½

These Kelvinator’s have given me nothing but trouble. It’s a lot like the Carrier in some regards. I wonder what Mr Kelvinator is thinking as he sees them producing these? I had a Kelvinator fridge that lasted forever, but their split systems are renowned for unreliability. The repair guy I use refuses to touch these things

air conditioninng expert example of Midea air con for mid range brands page
Midea ✪✪

Of the three cheapies, this is the one I would have. It’s quiet, reliable and has reasonable running costs. Midea claim to make 5 million air units a year for other brands, and only recently started selling in Australia. It will be interesting to see how these stack up with Mitsubishi in 15 years time. Best of the cheap units.

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There ends the  mid range air conditioner brands.

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