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Heating and cooling

Air Conditioning expert’s range of reverse cycle air conditioners perform heating and cooling like no other




Which appliance is most energy efficient for heating?

The most energy efficient way to heat your home with electricity is with a reverse cycle air conditioner. Bet you didn’t know that. We didn’t even know ours went in reverse until we were forced to read the instructions. Not only does air con go in reverse, but in doing so, it produces on average a whole extra kW of power. One might even think that this is actually the forward way, and the cooling is reverse. How many cars do you know of that go faster in reverse ? These air con manufacturers thought they could put one over on us. From this day forward we shall refer to split systems as reverse cycle heaters. 

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Air Conditioning Heating and Cooling functions.

Reverse Cycle heating and cooling for your home

Heating and cooling in Australian homes can be expensive. As the energy costs rise, the manufacturers come out with newer and cheaper ways to maximise the output of their machines, while lowering power consumption. One of the remarkable aspects of appliance production when taking an overview of the last twenty years, is the incredible leaps all have made to consume less and less power.  In terms of consumption : If I were to boil a full kettle of approx two litres of water for ten minutes. I would consume more power in watts than if I had run four bedroom 2.5kw splits at 22 degrees under good to average conditions. 

Anna Bligh will pay your power bill

Buy a Panasonic and you’ll be warm and toasty all winter. No need to worry about running costs.  The only cheaper way to heat your home is with Anna Bligh standing in the lounge repeating over and over that ‘electricity prices will fall once we sell the assets to international bankers’ LOL

At least if Anna had of said LOL it would have been less of a surprise to most. Who would have thought that bankers would make an agreement at one price, and then when in control of the asset, increase the prices to make greater profits? Nobody could have predicted that.

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The Premier of Queensland does not work in the interests of bankers. The premiers job is to make decisions that will be most beneficial to the peopleof Queensland. She decided to sell something that wasn’t hers, to a group of obscenely rich bankers.  Bankers who then raped the general public. Raped them in such a way as hasn’t been seen since the 20% interest rates of the 1980’s or the ‘$14,000 home inflation grant’. This was nothing short of treason. She knew. They knew. Learned citizens knew. But nobody would say the words in public. Let’s see her family’s finances audited around that time. When the money trail is found assets need to be confiscated. It will be found. Mistakes like these aren’t made accidentally.

 If I were to take a customers air con, sell it to their neighbour, while lying to the customer that “it had to be done and cool air would be cheaper this way.” When the bills started coming in for triple what the original customer was paying: would I be responsible to rectify what I had done? Of course. Anna Bligh must pay every electricity bill from every home in the state since the price rises took effect above the inflation point. Someone tell me where she lives, I have a stack of envelopes for her. 

They will never stop unless we stop them. 

When a person is employed to represent the interests of our community. When any person betrays their own people while in office, the crime is magnified and affects everyone in the nation. Therefore the punishment should not just reflect such reckless criminality, but serve as a deterrent to any serving member of public office. They do not fear any consequences because there are none.

Until we give them consequences they will continue to line their pockets while giving away our assets.  Continue to use a corrupt judiciary to shield them from criminal prosecution while locking ordinary taxpayers away for the simplest of crimes. When was the last time you saw any Australian public servant, member of the judiciary or politician take any responsibility for their actions? Perhaps it will take the citizens enforcing their will medieval style to get this self interested criminal clique to understand it is not us who serve them but the other way around.

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