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Today or tomorrow, when you get around to it is fine.

Contact us : This form for nice regular people


This form is for : 

Nice regular People

Only the email box is *mandatory. Tell us only enough to get the right air conditioner. We will give you straight answers. We will not spam your email. Your information stays private.


  • When you click send it should take you to a new page.
  • If it doesn’t then it’s eating your forms again. Sorry. Please call us.
  • Download  written QUOTE here if required.
  • If making a booking : please see locations and size page
  • If any are upstairs or have major obstacles please note it
  • We will contact within 48hrs by text or email 
  • If you don’t receive confirmation please call
  • We accept only cash, cheque, or Bpay for payment
  • No credit cards : 2% of transactions becomes a lot of money
  • Anything (unusual) about job please note on the form
  • Surprises mean your job not getting done till we can work a solution
  • Yes this form is genuine and will be answered within 24hrs
  • We don’t even know where the other form goes
  • Those people know why they are filling out that side 
revenge is so very very sweet cartman contact

This form for :

Bank Staff, Real Estate

Government people.

This form is for :

Bank Staff, Real Estate and Government people

All fields are* mandatory. To verify shoe size a statutory declaration from your shoe dealer is required. One for each foot. All your information will be shared with everyone.

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Don’t fill out the other side if you are supposed to be here. We  will  know. 

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