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Best brands of air con 2017

At ACExpert we tell it straight. When we make a list of the best brands of air con for this year, chances are it’s accurate. It’s against our interests to spin a yarn and make a quick profit this year. We’d spend next year driving around town doing warranty call outs.  Replacing air con parts and systems is not profitable. What’s best for everybody is installing your machine once, then going back 10 – 15 years later to install another one. We don’t really want to see you in between. Nothing personal.

Number of times we get asked this question

The short version. Top four brands.

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Daikin has always been the rolls royce of air conditioning. Up until recently they were priced beyond the reach of mortal men so I refused to use them. Good gear if you own a rolls royce or two.

Panasonic is my choice for best brand, though arguably Daikin might pip them marginally in some areas. Buy one of these you got a good chance of it still efficiently cooling your home 15 years from now.

Mitsubishi Heavy, Mitsubishi Electric though they are seperate companies they are equal third in my opinion of best brands of air con in Australia. They have the best logo for sure.

Fujitsu fumbled heavily with the new refrigerant gas r32. Since that debacle they have regained their top tier air conditioner status. I am sure they care a whole lot about my approval too.

Buy one of them – even off someone else. You won’t go wrong.

Now you don’t even have to read the rest of the page. Waste of time anyway. 

Australia has one of the worlds harshest climates, with extremes of heat, cold, wind and rain. Many modern machines are pushed to the limit here. When you’re investing such a large sum in an appliance such as air con, it should exceed your expectations. The most important aspect in my opinion is reliability and longevity. No good having the worlds best filtration system if the thing breaks down every summer.

Take a look through here and you’ll see why we’ve come to the conclusions we have, about the best brands of air con in Australia. In Terms of Reliablility, Quietness and Power efficiency the summer of 2017 best air conditioer brand for split systems we believe is Panasonic.

Best brands of air con summer of 2017 cannstar award panasonic
best brands of air con summer 2017 air conditioning expert Brisbane

If your time is limited and you really just want to buy a decent air con and get on with your life, I completely understand. Here’s the scoop. Buy one of the four brands above. Nearly all Australian homes require a 7kw in the lounge, and a 2.5kw in the bedroom. Follow that formula and you really don’t need to bother with the rest of this website or any other. Air Conditioning takes up all my time, but it doesn’t have to take yours too.

Get one of these splits from us or from someone else. Ask someone good to put it in, and there’s a 90% change you’ll be very happy with your decsion for years to come. Panasonic, Mitsubishi Heavy, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, or Fujitsu. My mistake, there’s five. I was counting both Mitsubishi’s as one company. It’s late. gimme a break.

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Best brands of air con panasonic example installation

The Long Version

Blah Blah Blah, Yadda Yadda Yadda , this one is good for him, that one is good for this, we don’t want to say anything negative about the absolute rubbish brands there are out there because they might send us a nasty letter from a lawyer. This is what every other ‘best brand of air con’ page reads like. People stop tip towing around the obvious facts. Some brands of everything are crap.  Some places are crap. Some people are crap, but this may not be the best place to discuss these issues. When in doubt, we shall refer to Australian deity and sage like prophet of Pork n Wisdom.. Murphy’s Law…As Murphy put it : 99% of everything is crud. Murphy was an optimist.