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Panasonic wins best brand of air conditioner as voted this year by Cannstar AC satisfaction survey.

Best brand of Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi heavy 2015… Panasonic 2016 and 2017


wins 2016



After installing every brand of Air Conditioner over the last ten years, we know which brands will last and which ones won’t. As of 2017 We are officially switching to Panasonic Air Conditioners over Mitsubishi. We installed Mitsubishi Heavy Industry for two years and the warranty calls averaged out at 2.1 per one hundred installs. Not bad you would think. Not good either. With over 150 Panasonic per year since 2014 we can say conclusively that Panasonic is the best brand of air conditioner available in Australia today. They get less faults or breakdowns than either Mitsubishi brand. 0.4 per 100 to be exact. Less than a quarter of the MHI warranty calls. If it was close, you might think installer error, or possibly environmental conditions.  With a difference that great, it has to be the manufacturing or distribution.

We install using a nearly identical pattern for all brands, one that has been vetted by the companies themselves, is approved by Arktick.  Having done it over a thousand times in two years we are getting pretty good at it. The Panasonic machines are quieter, use far less power, and they’ve won the overall happiest customers by Cannstar again. Not just anyone can win a Cannstar award, they aren’t Nobel prizes. Panasonic warranty and service far outstrip the MHI we were stuck dealing with for so long, what more could you ask for in a home appliance? Panasonic or Daikin should be the only two choices for split system home air conditioning in Australia. The days of Mitsubishi dominance are over.

Panasonic price and Quality

The price of the Panasonic has been kept down between seasons. Daikin are always the most expensive, however if they were identical in price, I would still pick the panasonic. Their whisper quiet operation, reliability and filters really stand out. The area where it puts both it’s competitors to shame is the looks. The units themselves are far more modern and stylish sitting on your lounge room wall. Not square chunky and bold. Both Daikin and Mitsubishi seem to be stuck making square air conditioners that don’t blend with your wall at all. Whereas the new favourite Panasonic has curves that fit in, close up and aren’t noticed when not in use. 

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PANASONIC wins best brand of air conditioner last few years
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Panasonic VS Daikin




Known as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of air conditioners. These things are known to outlast all others. UPDATE : as of August 2017 Daikins prices on the L series are now only 10% above that of Mitsubishi and Panasonic. As such, definitely worth considering over the others.

Panasonic VS Daikin

If I had a choice between Panasonic and Daikin, mine would be the Panasonic. Why? $$ Value. Lifespan and replacement parts cost. The difference is parts cost, and Panasonic fifteen year lifespan vs Daikin twenty (on average). Who knows where I will be in twenty years. Probably not in this house. Hopefully not installing these things.

 These systems are premium quality. We have nothing bad to say about these units at all, only because there is nothing bad about them. Just depends on your station in life I suppose.

 We think of them like cars. You could cool your home with a Panasonic. Still have a premium product, sleek, refined and efficient. Or you could spend the extra $2OO and join the (Rolls Royce) Daikin club. One day I might join the Daikin club, but for now – There’s more important things I should spend my money on. Like a hundred copies of Julia Gillard’s book ‘My Story’.


Criticism of Daikin : Their head office is not closer to ours.

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Mitsubishi heavy what went wrong?
heavy what
went wrong?

After many years on top of the perceived quality index of Air conditioners, Mitsubishi reliability just isn’t there any more.  From experience I can say that there are better options. When we first installed we only used panasonic exclusively for a few years. The last year before the change we installed 150 + and still to this day not a single warranty call. That was 2014. In the summer of 2015 and 2016 we installed exclusively Mitsubishi. We approached them because a good deal of customers asked specifically for the brand.


Warranty is important


is important 

In the two seasons we had approximately 30 warranty calls from 1000 installs. Of those perhaps 10% were installer error, The vast majority were manufacturing faults. There worst part : and here’s the attitude of the multinational organisation . A customer in Manly had a small unit installed. From the get go it made an unnatural rattling and humming sound, far different from the others. A warranty man came out. All he did was put a DB meter to it, see that the sound level was below the EPA threshold for noise pollution and walk away. A brand new machine is not supposed to rattle or vibrate. I had just finished telling the customer these were the best air conditioners, so who had the red face?

I replaced the unit with a new one – at my cost. We installed the rattling one at my home. Our little company employs 12 men peak season plus one scruffy and 4 in winter with no scruff.  Mitsubishi employs thousands, maybe tens of thousands. And here I am picking up their warranty costs. Not any more.


installation of second best brand of air conditioner example
installation of second best brand of air conditioner example
Mitsubishi heavy installation air conditioning expert
Mitsubishi Vs Daikin

If I was given a choice between a Mitsubishi and a Daikin and the Daikin came with a full week at the mother in laws place, I’d still take the Daikin. I don’t need MHI reverse valve or vibration issues.

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