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Perhaps some information about the man who created it. 

  The owner and author of this website has run into trouble recently. Did you know that expressing your opinion about the way this country is being run is now a criminal offence? You may scoff, but I had another business website you may have heard of. I would write about my daily frustrations in the back section, where not many people would notice. I wrote about my experiences in the court system and dealing with government agencies. The articles detailed what I believed was serious misconduct and corruption by people in authority. Many documents were uploaded to support those statements. In September of 2019 I went to jail for writing those articles. 

  You read that correctly. In Australia, if you suggest the state has done something dishonest or corrupt, you now go to jail. Links are in blue, the went to jail link above is a PDF of the Supreme Court sentencing.

   This may come as no surprise to some, but Australia is no longer free. Far from it. The Covid hoax has accelerated the destruction of our rights, but we were well on the way prior to that. During 2017 and 2018 when I wasn’t busy working, I was playing with my daughter or writing articles about the shite state of the nation. Very few people were reading those articles…. I thought nobody was reading them. Then the Queensland government came knocking. The harassment and intimidation started slowly at first. Investigations, audits, then license refusals. Next were the home invasions, followed by harassment of everyone I know.  The business had zero complaints to any government body – as admitted by the lead investigator in court. But that isn’t important. What’s important is keeping the corruption in our courts under wraps. 

Queensland judges now decide what you can and can’t say, and which opinions are allowed. Even in your own home.

  This business nearly folded while I was in prison. Due to the stress of five armed raids on our home in three years, my wife and daughter were forced to go stay with her mother in Siberia. The government I have paid tax to for twenty years has now refused her a return visa. Welcome to Australia, don’t piss off the government, they’ll find all sorts of ways to get even.

  An honest mans twenty year working history means nothing if he speaks truths our government wants to keep hidden. The authorities will destroy his business, family, reputation and freedom as an example to others who may consider following his path. I never would have thought it possible, then it happened to me. 

  I must move on from this and get my family back, but I can’t do that in Queensland. All the material online was removed months ago, but Queensland police still won’t leave me alone. Two visits just this week. Both after midnight, coming into my yard with torches, banging on the door, interrupting my sleep is too much for anybody. I am doing a dozen installs a week, getting up at 5 and working all day to get my family back. This is what you get for making allegations of misconduct against Queensland authorities. I would leave this place tomorrow and never look back, but there’s a court order preventing it. I can’t leave but I can’t stay. I’m separated from my family, subject to round the clock intimidation, while having to report and attend court. After two years they still refuse to set a final hearing date. Why should an honest man put up with this shit? He shouldn’t. Nobody should.

  This shouldn’t be happening in Australia. Not to me, and not to you. They get away with these things because nobody knows about it. Our media doesn’t report report anything about my imprisonment or harassment because I pointed out their collusion. The Australian media, along with media in the US, are are conspiring with a small group of rich men to run our nation into the ground for profit. They seek to slowly enslave us all. 

I appreciate your business. My daughter does too. She would thank you personally for helping to reunite our family but she doesn’t speak English. She left aged just 3 with only a handful of words and no sentences. She’s now 5, started school and speaking Russian. I can’t talk to her, even on video call. I don’t spend enough time that she can learn the language. While the covid hoax played a part in her absence, she wouldn’t have had to leave if the Queensland authorities would just leave us alone.

One thing is certain : The people who are behind this campaign of harassment will face justice eventually.

  I can’t upload any of my previous articles because I will go back to jail. Yes, you read that right. Despite Queensland having laws which guarantee every persons right to freedom of expression, the courts ruled that only some people may speak their mind. Unfortunately I am not one of them. Our courts now decide which of you have rights and which don’t. White men have none. Until the current legal episode is over I cannot comment further. Until then I will be on the tools, doing electrical work and installing air con for anybody who’s paying… Well, almost anybody. 

  All proceeds go to getting my family back and restarting our life elsewhere. I shouldn’t have to leave my home, friends and business because of government harassment, but let that be a lesson to the rest of you. In Australia, some people can break the law with impunity, but the rest of us can go to jail just for pointing it out. When I leave, the business will be taken over by someone who can do quality work, I will make sure of it. Thanks to our customers for their support over the years.