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The air conditioner running cost is an important part of deciding which split system to hang on your wall. Power is too expensive to ignore this aspect of any appliance today. Many people have the environment and climate change in mind when purchasing. Those buyers would be most interested in this months AcExpert watermelon special.

You can do your part for our environment this summer.

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Save fluffy the seal from certain death by calling AcExpert.

Buy one of our split system air cons and we won’t  club baby seals to death this weekend. AcExpert doing his bit for the environment.

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 Air Conditioner placement : effect on Running Cost

keeping the

running cost

of your

air con down


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The air in the circle will rotate through the split many times per minute

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location and effciency

  • Placement of your split may not have as much effect on the air conditioner running cost as you may think. It will have some effect of course. Take a look at our plan :
  • These installs are relatively the same in terms of ability to maintain the correct temperature. The fan direction is not as important as sizing the unit correctly.
  • A unit must be able to circulate the entire volume of air around it in order to reduce and maintain temperature. Simply blowing cold air in one direction would be terribly inefficient and far less effective.
  • Positions marked A are optimal for the main system. Both diagrams
  • Position B would only marginally trail A in terms of efficiency and circulation.
  • The bedroom ones are all identical in terms of efficiency and air flow. It’s only a matter of where you think its best.
  • An area downstairs on a two story dwelling will take 30% less power to cool than the upstairs due to excellent protection from above.
Mitsubushu SRK series air conditioner running cost acexpert chart

 The outdoor condenser machine parts are weatherproof and designed to last years in all conditions. Mounting off the ground is always recommended. If we can limit its exposure to the sun we will. The less the better. Protection from weather will increase it’s life. Your unit will function fine exposed to everything but it will operate that little bit cooler, last a bit longer and have an all round happier life under shade or protection.

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air conditioner running cost figures 





air conditioner running costs energy efficiency chart showing panasonic years costs
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Running Cost

So this year Mitsubishi Heavy Industry won the most energy efficient split system air conditioners. Last year it was Panasonic. See now why we gave up saying one this year is better? They’re both good pick one and save fluffy.

air conditioner running cost image death to fluffy

The air conditioner running cost figures were calculated on Panasonic CS / CU range of Split system air conditioners in 2018. Now Mitsubishi are a little more energy efficient according to the award people). Who can keep up. ?. The important part is that kW/h electricity costs are around the same so the information is still accurate.

Lesser machines or units with a lower star rating will not achieve these figures. A poorly maintained or positioned Split Air Con will not achieve these figures. The (low cost energy efficient) examples above are one of our systems, in an average home. Doors and windows closed 95% of the time. 

cost of running your air conditioner 

Running Cost

On the left is the award won by Mitsubishi. Bit of a disappointment really. A meat tray would be better than this little blue circle of nothing. 

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