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Queensland Government has announced that they will return some of our stolen money in the form of a four star appliance and air conditioner rebate. Aren’t we lucky? After confiscating more than half our cash by taxing everything possible. Then grabbing most of our remaining dollars in fees, duties, levies and fines they have decided to give some back to us. Less their wages and expenses confiscating then returning what’s ours.. I for one am thankful we stopped creeping communism in it’s tracks back in the eighties.

Rebate has been closed until next year when there will be a brand new scheme overtax us, then refund some of our money pretending they’re doing us a favour

which appliances are Eligible

Which appliances can we get cash for reporting? Washing machines and fridges win you cash. Plus there’s an air conditioner rebate. The timing of course was brilliant. Just as summer draws to an end and it’s possible to sleep without AC…Last time our government decided to give away money willy nilly it only served to up everyone’s mortgage from 100 to 400k. Nobody could have predicted that giving away 7 grand towards the cost of a new home would increase housing prices. Impossible.

This time it’s different we’re told. Simply buy an appliance that has a 4 star energy rating or higher, fill in some forms, fill in some more forms, wait a wee bit before sending some more forms then possibly get some cash. That’s your problem. We just sell and install the air conditioner. These units are on the list for the air conditioner rebate in QLD

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CSz 25TKR 2.5kw

CSz 35TKR 3.5kw

CSz 50TKR 5.0kw


SRK 25 ZSAw 2.5kw

SRK 35 ZSAw 3.5kw


We don’t sell fridges

Made you look but*

List of eligible fridges


Washers neither

Eligible Washers

The above 5 models of Mitsubishi and Panasonic air con are four star rated or above and eligible for the $300 rebate. To be fair, most good brands of air con are four star rated too. Small units only

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Large air cons are not four stars

Unfortunately there are no large air conditioners on the market which are four star energy efficient. The complete list of eligible air conditioners is here. The largest split system you can get with a rebate is a 5kw Panasonic to our knowledge. Taping two of them together to make a 10kw isn’t feasible because the rebate applies to only one claim per household. That and duct tape just isn’t strong enough to suspend an AC with. Not that we’d know.

This energy efficiency rebate does not affect the PEAKSMART promotion. You may still claim that as well. Current manufacturer promotions may also offer some cash back or discount so if you’re thinking of buying air con, now is the time to do it. Usually we encourage people to wait until winter to buy. Right now, the after rebate prices make these air cons affordable for everyone.