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Air Conditioner Prices BRISBANE

Panasonic + Mitsubishi

Air Conditioner Prices

And you thought those rug salesman were crazy. 

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*Photo may not accurately depict who will answer your call. ACExpert Wife doesn’t answer much these days you’ll likely get Simon. The thing is if we post his mug on the site nobody will call so just close your eyes and pretend you’re talking to Lena. Or use the contact form.

Pansasonic Split systems

The Panasonic and Mitsubishi are the best choices for summer of 2019. These things are quiet, reliable, sleek,  and energy efficient.  Everything about the way they are made, distributed and warrantied make this model the one I would install in my home, and study (If I didn’t already last summer) . If you plan to stay in the home you’re in. Buy these. So confident we are in the quality we offer a 5 + 5 warranty. First 5 years warranty is 100% covered no matter what. Second 5 years we pay half of any repairs. Only condition is must be repaired by a panasonic man not your mate Waz. 

Mitsubishi Split systems

Last year we ran with the Panasonic as the best units the year before we said Mitsubishi. The models have changed again and they are both tip top air cons. We won’t say either is better. These are simply the top two choices for split system air conditioner brands for the Summer of 2019. Both excellent machines. I am willing to bet the same story will apply in 2020. Unless there’s a great big fire or random comets wiping out AC factories these two will be the top two long after I am gone.

air conditioning installation prices

all the Brisbane air conditioner prices we could find

took hours to search all the sites.. it wasn’t much fun but we did it so you don’t have to.

Stack of Cash back promotions on now. Further reductions off these prices.

best air


 prices in


New Panasonic 

RZ VKR AirCon prices

  • 2.5kW   $ 1350
  • 3.5kW   $ 1500
  • 5.0kW   $ 2000
  • 6.3kW   $ 2300
  • 7.1kW   $ 2450
  • 8.0kW   $ 2950

Includes new unit and

standard installation.



Call or click for a quote 

Brochures Below

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*Photo may not accurately depict who will answer your call. ACExpert wife has gone on strike and baby has been unable to take over business phone at 18 months as predicted. Until toddler gets a job grumpy boss man will continue to take your calls, reserving the right to continue his grumpiness when necessary.


Air conditioner prices Brisbane Mitsubishi Heavy logo

MHI Avanti prices

2.5kw   $ 1350

3.5kw   $ 1500

5.0kw   $ 1900

Price includes everything

Supplied and installed complete

 Avanti Brochure  PDF

MHI Bronte Prices

6.3 BRONTE $ 2200

7.1kw  BRONTE $ 2350

8.5kw BRONTE $2850

Price includes everything

Supplied and installed complete

Bronte Brochure PDF


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Peaksmart promotion :

you know there’s no such thing as free money

Think of Peak Smart like the GST. If you don’t k now what it is don’t get it. If you do know what it is you won’t get it. The only exception : installing in an investment property. Then you should get one. We will sort it out and just leave you the forms to submit. If you wish to claim we need to know on the day so the device goes in.

Our prices have no * meaning any rebates or incentives are yours to claim and have no bearing on our price list. We will help you claim the rebates, but only after you have been informed of the details.

Air conditioner prices brisbane Peak Smart Logo

You buy a MHI 5kw Avanti for $2000 above. You can claim $200 back from Energex. Total price after rebate is $1800. Up to five claims per premises, above that Energex reviews each claim. Yes, businesses can still claim. No it matters not who your power retailer is. Energex will pay the rebate.

See Energex terms and conditions : you are installing a device which allows them to control your air conditioner. You knew there was no such thing as free money right? ** subject to Energex supplies. If we can’t get them, you can’t either. Call Energex on 13 12 53 if you have any questions about the promotion.

Peaksmart device now only applicable to units 4kw and above. Bedroom ones aren’t eligible. 

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Air Conditioner prices include :

Complete Installation for most homes 

80% of jobs are A or B installations.

price includes

Complete Installation

for most homes 

When you buy an air conditioner from us, you can be sure your job won’t go over the prices listed above. The standard installation price includes everything. Includes : new unit, GST, wall bracket, electrical connection – everything. Nearly all installations are A or B as per the map. Only a handful are C and less common again are D. You’ll know which one yours.

Disclaimer : If you tell us it’s A and it’s really a D : we come out, it will still be charged out as a D. Telling porkies to get a cheaper phone price only works until we get there and say ‘mmm this looks more like a D. Where did you learn your alphabet?’ 

IMPORTANT : If it’s Friday afternoon and you spring a surprise nightmare job on us you may hear ‘hey look up in the sky it’s a plane…’ then running  footsteps – engine starts – tyres squeal – AcExpert gone. Nightmare jobs are done early morning before the roof gets hot and while we still have energy. Please tell us up front.

This quoting system works if everyone plays fair. It saves you money. It saves us time and expenses. If you have a difficult job, tell us. We send more men, then it’s not so hard. Feel free to call up and ask a bunch of questions. Happy to answer all enquiries on the phone. Failing that : send us a few pictures, maybe a house plan, maybe a real estate link. We can work it all out from here.

The map spells it out. There’s not many extra charges we have. You’ll know by looking at our map exactly what the air con and installation will cost. 80% of all jobs are an A or B in a single story home. Use the guide to work out if yours will be extra, please tell us when booking so we can send more guys if necessary. Feel free to call up if you still have questions or see locations page for more information.

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the best in Brisbane Air conditioner prices
air conditioner expert example of split system installation

All our units are bracket mounted off the ground where possible. They live longer this way

bracket mounted example mitsubishi air conditioner prices brisbane
air conditioner price page example of installation

Splits are much happier off ground

Do not let them charge you

extra for everything


See what some companies sting you for at the end of the installation. Three metres extra of cable, two more metres of drain pipe, well also  there’s a wall bracket that’s $85 extra. You were quoted $500 yes, but the total is now $780

That’s how some companies operate. Check their extras page. Then check ours.

We don’t have an extras page

Brian is crap this is how he does installs on air conditioner price page

How not to install an air con

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Air Conditioner

Install only Price


Small 2 – 3kw : $ 550

Medium 5 – 6kW : $ 650

Large 7 – 9kW : $ 700

Upstairs add  $100

We do not install second hand units. They do not work. Do not buy second hand units from anywhere. Yes they worked before when they were installed, but they won’t after being moved.

Payment terms :


Cash, cheque, or internet banking transfer. Pay only on completion. We don’t take a deposit. We don’t take credit cards. The bank charges a stack of fees which would add $50 + to every transaction. Seriously.

The most important thing to remember for most people : you don’t pay anything till your air conditioner is installed complete.

For estate agents and lawyers :

Payment in full is required prior to even looking at our website.  Lawyers need to pay up front before anything happens. Once we have your money don’t expect an air con and if you want us to do any work that cost extra.

Air Conditioning Installation Expert in Brisbane Page seperation module

We still haven’t found any company that matches our supply and install Panasonic air conditioner prices anywhere in Australia. If you buy your unit online, no problem. We can install any brand, usually far cheaper than their tradesmen. By contrast, using a supply and install service is a better choice when it comes to issues like warranty. If we supply and install it, we handle all warranty issues. AC Expert are licensed electricians and licensed AC installers. This means – If we disappear completely – If the whole crew is wiped out in a dirka dirka attack : The manufacturer honours the warranty on every unit we have installed. That’s peace of mind.

Payment terms for most people :

Cash, or internet banking transfer. Pay only on completion. We don’t take a deposit : it gets confusing. Property owners arranging for tenants : happy to do your job just by phone order, we will install then email you a bill with photos of completed work. Property owners we are happy to deal with you direct but not your estate agent see below. IMPORTANT : We do not take credit cards. Forget the credit card. Most people we are happy to leave you an invoice on the day.

important to remember :

You don’t pay anything until your air con is installed complete.

Payment terms for estate agents and lawyers : 

Estate agents must pay in full prior to even reading this website. It’s private property and you now owe back rent.

Lawyers need to pay in full before calling AcExpert. Once we have your money don’t expect an air con and if you want any work done that’s extra. 

Air Conditioning Installation Expert in Brisbane Page seperation module
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